The portable ergodynamic seat.

Muscle mobilization during sitting
no matter where you are.

Long sitting and remaining in one sitting position can significantly affect health, leading to tension and even pain. With the Ori-Back®, you can avoid this. The Ori-Back® is a portable and foldable ergodynamic seat that can be used in any sitting situation. Its unique flexible shell construction ensures that you don’t stiffen up while sitting, but remain in motion.


fold it and take it
with you

the seat on a seat.

The Ori-Back® allows you to sit optimally anywhere: in the office or your home office, on any chair at home, while travelling, and in your leisure time – even on the floor.

The most beautiful
colours in the world.

The Ori-Back® is available in six attractive colours: dark red, green, black, grey, orange, and blue.

at a glance

Confirmed by experts.

“The height of the seat, even though it is low, reduces hip flexion, which adjusts the position of the pelvis. Similar to using a wedge cushion, the pelvis is tilted forward, creating the ideal physiological curvature of the lumbar spine. The advantage of the seat is that its curved shape allows the user to maintain the position without slipping…
…The seat allows people with lumbar or pelvic pain to improve their posture wherever they are, even on the go.”

Univ. Prof. Dr. Axel Wanivenhaus
Orthopedist and Orthopedic Surgeon

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Ori-Back® – The portable seat for a healthy back

Sitting for long hours with an incorrect posture has a serious negative impact on health and can result in tense muscles and even pain. In addition to regular changes in your posture and regular movement, an ergonomic seat is crucial for preventing tense muscles in the office or at home. High-quality office chairs usually have lumbar support. But these can be quite expensive, and what’s more, this important feature is limited to just the one chair. A portable seat cushion is the best option for ensuring that you sit with ergonomically correct and healthy posture no matter where you are. Ori-Back is a portable, folding ergonomic seat that you can use no matter where you sit down. You can place this back-friendly cushion on any chair in the office, at home, or when you are out and about. This means that you can sit with ergonomically correct posture wherever and whenever you want.

Flexible, light, and universal – sit comfortably while protecting your back anywhere

Relieving your spine and ensuring sufficient support while sitting is part of a healthy lifestyle, along with getting regular exercise. But this is often easier said than done. Because most people maintain the same posture all day in the office, and an ergonomic seat – which should have lumbar support – is not always available. It would be even better if the ergonomic seat could easily be placed on any chair, and taken along wherever you go. A flexible, light, and versatile back-friendly seat cushion that allows you to sit with ergonomically correct posture anywhere.

Time for a healthy back – how proper sitting posture promotes concentration

Physical therapists have researched numerous factors including sitting and posture theory to find out what effects ergonomically correct sitting posture has on our health and well-being. The Ori-Back was developed on the basis of sound ergonomic principles. Body pressure distribution tests were conducted by an independent research institute to evaluate the effects.

The theory: The head is continuously supported by the body except during sleep. Poor sitting posture causes the body’s centre of gravity to shift. This causes the spine to lose its S-curve while sitting, which can increase the load on the lower back by 1.5 times, among other effects. The load on other muscle groups is increased, and additional pressure is placed on internal organs and the respiratory system. This in turn can cause shallow breathing and a subsequent decrease in concentration, which reduces work and learning performance. Conversely, this means that when the spine’s S-curve is maintained through ergonomically correct sitting posture, there is less load on the spine..

Ori-Back® – The back-friendly seat cushion

Maintain good posture. Research has shown that the buttocks and pelvis shift forward when we sit with an incorrect posture, thus causing us to sit on our sacral bone. This causes the S-curve of the spine to flatten unnaturally, increasing the load on the body. The back-friendly Ori-Back seat cushion causes you to automatically sit with ergonomically correct posture, maintaining the S-curve of your spine. This sitting posture and back alignment relieves pressure on the body and can prevent fatigue.

Ergonomic and comfortable sitting

There is a direct relationship between ergonomic and comfortable sitting. Many people spend a large share of their day sitting. This frequently causes back pain and tense muscles. Healthy sitting means assuming a correct and upright sitting posture that supports the pelvis. The upper muscle groups should be stimulated so that independent, autonomous, and stable sitting is possible without using the backrest. The Ori-Back has a unique support design that supports the lower back, automatically corrects the body positioning, and in this way causes the body to assume the ideal sitting posture.